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Esse make a great range of products and have moved with the times to offer products that suit all tastes, from the traditional looking stove right through to some really ultra modern looking wood burners. If we take a look at a couple of their models that they currently offer .

Modern & Sleek –The 125 SE Wood Burner

For something that makes a real statement the 125 SE model takes some beating and is one of the most popular models sold by Esse – Take a look below and you can see what we mean. It may look easy but there is an art in designing a product that looks modern yet still understated. With its clean burn technology it is approved for use in urban areas that smoke control restrictions.

Esse – Flue-Less Gas Fires (Firewalls)

With the best will in the world it is not possible sometimes to install a wood burning stove for instance, so step forward the Firewall range from Esse. These fires are about the same thickness as a flat screen TV and provide a real flame via their gas flame technology.  The clever part of these fires is the fact that they require no chimney or flue as they use a catalytic converter technology. All you will require is an air vent in the room to install these styles of fires

Esse 125SE wood burning stove      
Esse Firewall