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Esse 41" Firewall - Flueless Gas Fire

We really like the look of the Esse flueless gas fires with their slim line sleek style and enviable build quality,  the 41” model gas fire is of rectangular design nor dissimilar to the size and thickness of a modern television. Esse a UK company if you are not familiar with them have incorporated flueless technology into the design of this fire to enable all of the burnt waste products produced by the fire to be safely neutralised by the catalytic converter, hence the there is no need for a flue to be fitted. This 41” firewall model as is called is available in a number of contemporary finishes.

The Esse 41” model is available with two different colour front panels which are white glass and black and allows you to match the décor of any room. You can as an option extra control the fire via remote control. You can also download the PDF brochure that gives comprehensive details on the range of flue-less wall mounted gas fires from Esse - Click Here

Esse 41” Flueless Gas Fires

£695 Inc vat & shipping