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Clarke Mayfair Cast Iron Stove - Wood Burner £574 Inc vat & Delivery

Want a stove that’s a bit different and striking in design?  Take a look at the new Mayfair stove from Clarke. This is the only steel stove in the range, and you can burn coal or wood in this stove as with all the other models. The striking design looks like none of the other stoves in the range with its very contemporary design. Features include variable burn control and self cleaning of the front glass. This model also has a vermiculite fire brick lining to aid maximum heat transfer from the stove. See our full range of flues and connectors.

Clarke Mayfair Cast Iron Stove

£574 Inc vat & shipping

Flues and Connectors                                      Part No    

1000mm Straight Flue/6"Dia                         6911130

500mm Straight Flue Pipe with Door 6"Dia    6911120

500mm Straight Flue Pipe 6"Dia                    6911140

90°Tee Flue Pipe with Soot Box 6"Dia           6911160

45 Degree Elbow 6"Dia                                6911170

45 Degree Elbow with Door 6"Dia                  6911180

6" 75mm Connector                                     6911150

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