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You can keep up to date with what is happening in our world if you wish - We shall be showcasing new models and updates in the world of cast iron stoves and wood burners !

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15 November 2001
Hello out there, all you cast iron stove and woodburner enthusiasts, and welcome to the www.ironstoves.co.uk blog page.  I’m the blog-meister and I thought it high time that I introduced myself.  I am the Office Manager, and we have just launched our new website selling all manner of cast iron stoves and woodburners from the Clarke range.  
You couldn’t have chosen a better time of the year to start looking at these beauties, with winter just around the corner.  We sell a full range of cast iron stoves and woodburners to suit all manner of properties and tastes.  We can cater for large houses, small cottages or canal barges, whatever you have selected as your ‘home’.  We can also cater for all tastes, be it large ornate units, those of a more simple design, or purpose-built versions.  We even sell a steel version for those of you who may prefer a more modern, streamlined look.
Prices vary from as little as £95 inclusive of VAT for the ‘Potbelly Standard’, up to £694 for the large and rather grand ‘Richmond’.  There are 15 other models in the range, and so we are sure that you will be able to find one to suit your taste and budget.  Furthermore, you can use either wood or coal as the fuel in all of the models that we sell.
Picture the scene: Return home from work, or a walk in the country, on a cold winter’s day.  Kick off the shoes, fire up the woodburner, get yourself a mug of soup and then settle yourself down in front of the stove’s flickering flames.  Bliss !!
1st December 2011
Attention all homeowners and canal boat owners,
It’s official...this November has been one of the mildest since records began, so there has been no need to worry about new or improved heating solutions for your property.  However, as we now move into December there could be shock around the corner.  According to up-to-date weather predictions, temperatures are due to plummet in the next week or so.  So, are you really geared up for a cold spell?  If your property is already a tad on the chilly side, then December and January are going to make matters considerably worse.
Have you ever considered installing a cast iron stove?  OK, you might think that these are only suitable for rural cottages and country-style kitchens. Yes, they do look and feel good in these types of properties.  However, cast iron stoves are now produced in a variety of models to suit all manner of properties and tastes.  Yes, you can purchase an old style version like the one granny used to have in her kitchen.  However, you now have the option of a number of different styles that would look good in any property, irrespective of size and age.  We sell a full range of cast iron stoves and woodburners, some very simple in design, others ornate, some quite expensive, others very reasonable.  For a more modern streamlined look, if that is your thing, we sell a steel version.  If you are a canal boat or barge owner, we even sell a purpose-built one specifically made for this type of residence.
All models use either coal or wood as their fuel source, and prices range from £95 for a simple stove up to £694 for the top of the range model. Please have a look at our website and browse through the various options available.  You can buy online, and delivery to a UK mainland address is usually only 2 working days.  Go on, treat yourself this winter, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

21st May 2012

We have some new products that we would like to introduce you to, namely the Esse range of wood burners - Cooking ranges and other heating products. If you take a look at their website there is a fascinating history about the founder. A true love story really, as he moved back to Scotland from America.  Cannot give to much a way so I suggest you have a look. Esse a UK manufacturers of the said products, offer a range of old world charm products and very modern designs. One product to look out for is there range of fire walls. What’s one of then I hear you ask? Quite simply it allows you have a real fire in the house without the need for a flue or chimney using some very James Bond technology.

06th December 2015

Heaters for use in work premises come in a wide variety of types including gas, electric and solid fuel heaters. The best type of heater for you building will depend on a number of factors such as the electrical supply available and the ventilation requirements of the heater. The most common types of heaters that tend to be purchased are commercial fan heaters as these are easy to install with a wide variety of output sizes available to suit the heating requirements of the building. If you are looking for this type of heater models such as the FF13 commercial fan heater are popular, this model offers low running costs and comes with a full 2 year guarantee.

20th November 2015

A cast iron stove offers a form of heating that’s a focal point to any room. If however you are looking for a different type of heating source there are a number of alternatives available that can heat your home or business premises. If for example you have a goods out area where a couple of employees work you might want to consider some form of heating for this area, halogen heaters offer a good option for heating this type of area take a look at the different halogen heater options available from Saturn Sales.

25th May 2012

In this warm sunshine it might be the last thing on your mind thinking about a wood burning stove. Well we quite agree, go and get that coal burning thing outside on the go and do justice to some outdoor food. It must be that bloke hunter - gatherer thing where even the most domestically challenged man suddenly thinks he's Raymond Blanc. We shall let you gas barbie people off - if your going to play with fire and haven't graduated to the real thing yet. Now don't let children read this bit, most barbies tend to involve some alcohol consumption as we well know, which involves the adults becoming big kids. One evening springs to mind as the evening draws on with the chimnear going, which let's face it is just an outdoor wood burner, when suddenly it's a good idea to see how red we can get it glowing by stuffing as much wood in as possible. 30 mins later you could heat half of Norway with it as glows like an angry rocket ready for take off. Today's top barbecue tip- your guests would prefer cooked chicken rather than blackened on the outside and salmonella on the inside.

Goodbye from planet Zog