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About Cast Iron Stoves:

We have range of cast iron stoves to suit all tastes and pockets, from traditional and ornate designs such as the Clarke Victoria cast iron stove to very contemporary designs such as the Clarke Mayfair cast iron stove. Cast iron stoves and wood burners really make a statement to any room giving you a great focal point. The warmth and ambiance they give off from the real wood or coal burning fire gives great warmth to any room

About Cast Iron Stoves -Wood Burners

Clarke Mayfair iron stove Clarke Regal cast iron stove - wood burner

One of the most popular models that we sell is the Clarke Regal cast iron stove, which has a great balance modern and old. Competitively priced at £407 Inc vat and delivery. This great looking cast iron stove has a very impressive maximum heat output of 10Kw, which makes it ideal for medium to larger rooms.

Our most contemporary looking model is the Clarke Mayfair iron stove. This striking very modern looking design design is great if you want to create a modern focal point to any
Many of our customers use our wood burners and cast iron stoves as the main heating source for their boat or barge. Some of our models are more suited than others for this purpose. One of our most popular wood burners for boats is the Clarke Thames cast iron stove. This combines a small footprint with a reasonable heat output with a maximum heat output of 6Kw
If your looking for a larger cast iron stove with a high output you might be drawn to our Clarke Majestic cast iron stove and wood burner this can give you a whopping 14 kw of heat output.
Clarke Thames cast iron stove - wood burner Clarke Majestic cast iron stove - wood burner